A quiet journey into a misty lonely dark forest at dusk until dawn, soul searching to find my own answers.

I was not alone when I first went through those doorways, I knew that something was wrong, that someone was following me from one of those rooms. My entire body, my entire mind was screaming in panic. For over a year I had been walking alone, as I waited for my mother to return from the dead. A year which saw her go on a solitary journey. No one came. Nothing moved. Silence descended. As though I were not there

Little did I know…

The path of the warrior is not always an easy one but it’s mine and I’ll walk it with my head held high. — Tyrion Lannister

I was lost in darkness. My heart pounded as hard as if I’d been running for miles through a storm. My vision blurred around the edges, but I could still make out shapes: trees, boulders, and rocks. The wind blew cold around me. It was so damn cold that it took all my strength to keep from shivering. “Hello? Is someone there?” I called out, but no answer came. “Is anyone here?” Silence greeted me once again. The feeling of being watched grew stronger. I tried to move, but something grabbed my arm.

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